This guide assumes that you are using some sort of raspbian. If you aren’t you can probably just replace the dependency install commands with your own package ones

You will want to be in your home directory for this.

First things first, install dependencies for this guide

sudo apt-get install libpng-dev libsdl2-dev libupnp-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev build-essential git unzip wget

Then, clone the source code

git clone

Next you want to move into the source code directory

cd SRB2

Now for the command to actually build from source code


The executable will then start building, once you see a message that says “Build is done, look for it in…” you can download the current assets for the game minus the music (as you won’t need it for hosting dedicated)

mkdir ~/.srb2/

cd ~/.srb2/



Now that you’re all set up you’ll wanna test it

chmod +x ~/SRB2/bin/Linux/Release/lsdl2srb2

That command makes the srb2 executable able to run as a program.

To actually run it, use this command

~/SRB2/bin/Linux/Release/lsdl2srb2 -dedicated -password <type your own password here>

If you see a line that says

Map is now "MAP01: Greenflower Zone 1"

It worked!, you can now connect to your server in your computer’s SRB2 by putting your Pi’s local IP address into the IP box.

Once you join you will want to login as admin, so in your computer’s SRB2 console, type

login <custom password from earlier>

And you should now be admin!

Some general notes about hosting like this

- If you want other people to join you must port forward port 5029 UDP on your Pi

- If you want to add mods to your game, place them in ~/.srb2 and add the parameter -file <filename> to the command runned to launch the server

- If you want to host regularly you’ll want to create a file called adedserv.cfg in ~/.srb2 and place any commands to run on server startup there

More info on commands and command-line parameters can be found on

Good luck and Have fun!